US Retired Generals Demand Reduced Pentagon Funding | Prensa Latina News Agency

Washington, Dec 13 (Prensa Latina) Retired U.S. generals are demanding reduced funding for Pentagon weapons programs they say are unnecessary, noting that the current negotiations on the fiscal abyss reflect lack of political will and planning.

In a document released publicly, the former members of the armed forces insisted the debate over the expenses of the Defense Department is immersed in ideologies and doctrines based on previous wars, and driven by legions of lobbyists and the interests of the military industrial complex.

The text is signed by retired generals Robert Gard, president of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation and former Executive Assistant for two Secretaries of Defense, as well as for John Johns, former director of human resources of the U.S. Army General Staff.

It is doubtful that future threats against the United States would mean the procurement of expensive weapons, which are encouraged by local and corporate interests, such as the F-35 which has cost more than what has been spent on veterans benefits in 20 years, said the signatories.

In total, the program of this aircraft will consume more than a billion and a half dollars, resources that are desperately needed in any other sector, to relieve the public debt, the former officers added.

The former generals believe that in the past decade the United States has fought two very expensive wars and the Congress still has to pay the outstanding debts of these conflicts, which have contributed to the current precarious state of the economy.

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