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To the Editor:

In response to the editorial on Feb. 6 about cutting Pentagon spending I wonder if people have even considered the gravity of the problem?

When the military goes to Congress for their budget, a political game begins. Every Congress person does it. They tell the military that if they want their support they have to purchase whatever it is their area of the country produces – vehicles, planes, weapons and so on. If the military says they don’t need any more of those, the Congress person says they can’t support their budget. So the military is forced to buy things they don’t need.

Another thing to consider is how many more Americans will lose their jobs with the cuts?

It sounds good to say we’ll cut military spending so we can spend the money over here. The problem is, we just don’t have the money. We’re already over $17 trillion in debt and that number is growing daily. It is time to reduce spending everywhere.

Jim Heim

St. Peters

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