The President’s 2016 Budget in Pictures | National Priorities Project

By Jasmine Tucker

Posted: Feb. 9, 2015 | Budget Process, Debt & Deficit, Education, Health Care, Military & Security, Social Insurance, Earned Benefits, & Entitlements, Taxes & Revenue

Today we released The President’s 2016 Budget in Pictures, a series of colorful charts telling the story of the priorities in the president’s budget. For instance, this is how President Obama proposes allocating $1.15 trillion in discretionary spending, the part of the budget that has to be determined annual in the budget process:

The President's 2016 Budget in Pictures

Military spending of $625 billion would account for more than half of discretionary spending under the president’s proposal, leaving just 46 percent of the discretionary budget, or $530 billion, to spend on all non-military discretionary programs.

For all the pictures that tell the story of the president’s budget proposal, check out The President’s 2016 Budget in Pictures.

via The President’s 2016 Budget in Pictures | National Priorities Project.