The Budget-Busting House Defense Budget for 2015 | Ian Masters

Then, with the House about to vote on the 2015 defense budget that has rejected the Pentagon’s efforts to cut spending, we speak with William Hartung, the Director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation and author of “Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex”. We will explore why a war-weary country that recently made it clear it did not want to go to war in Syria, that is spending more on defense than the next 12 countries in the world combined, including four times what China is spending and eight times what Russia is spending, is allowing its representatives in Congress to bust the agreed upon budget caps to throw more pork at military contractors for expensive weapons systems that don’t work.

Listen here.

via The Budget-Busting House Defense Budget for 2015 | Ian Masters.