Tax Day Rally In Bangor | WABI TV5

by Wayne Harvey

Bangor – The filing of taxes is on the minds of many Americans April 15th, and the Maine People’s Alliances used that as an opportunity to ask people to think about where those tax dollars are going and what they are being used for.

“There seems to be just way too much money going to the Pentagon,” said Vietnam Veteran Terry Principe of Winterport. “I mean just how much of this war’s being run by private contractors today and the amount of money that’s being paid.”

The group of eight who gathered in front of the Bangor Public Library would like to see some of that money diverted from the Pentagon and what they consider wasteful spending, and move the funds to other areas, according to Marie Pineo of the Maine People’s Alliance. “Our children are suffering in school, our environment is suffering, our veterans are suffering and what are they going out there to protect if we don’t have all those things here? If all that money is going to the CEO’s are we protecting the CEO’s or are we protecting our people?”

“There’s just a great need in this country to help some people that, nobody needs a free lunch, but people that need services deserve it,” said Principe. “If they’re hurting from conflicts like in Iraq, in Afghanistan and they’re not getting the programs they need to be treated right.”

After their presentation, they made their way to the Federal Building and the offices of Senators Collins and King to deliver approximately 60 post cards from people who want to see the wasteful spending end in our nation’s capital. Something Pineo says helps the Senators do their jobs.

“They’re thankful to hear what their constituents have to say and they do want to know what we have to offer for information for them, they’re not all knowing, and we do have to keep them informed.”

Some of the members are going to Washington DC this weekend to meet with the Senators in person.

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