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The Debate, Dems, and Defense: What Did We Learn? | William Hartung

As expected, Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate revolved primarily around domestic issues. But there were a few exchanges – such as those on Syria, Libya and Iraq – that helped…

Carly Fiorina’s defense proposals ignore the facts on the ground | The Washington Post

  Walter Pincus Although Carly Fiorina may have appeared well prepared for the Republican presidential candidate debate Wednesday, most of what she said about defense matters was fact-free or misleading….

Nuclear weapons: The ‘all of the above’ strategy | TheHill

This week, the Senate is scheduled to begin consideration of the annual defense authorization bill. In a move detached from budgetary reality, the bill backs an unaffordable plan to modernize…

Protecting U.S. Security by Minimizing the Role of Nuclear Weapons: A New U.S. Nuclear Policy | The Stimson Center

A new report finds that the U.S. has mistakenly pursued a nuclear strategy that is costly and out of touch with 21st century security needs. The report titled, Protecting U.S….

How many nuclear options does a president need to deter or to attack? | The Washington Post

By Walter Pincus At a time of tight defense budgets, why does the Air Force plan to spend billions of extra dollars so that a president 10 or more years…