Splunk builds public sector business | The Washington Post

 By Marjorie Censer

Among the many reports recommending various ways to cut Pentagon spending, one is promising something a little different.

A new analysis from think tank the National Security Network seeks to bring together six existing reports from respected policy institutes into a consensus figure of $510.5 billion in reductions.

The report uses analyses from, for instance, the Center for American Progress — which outlines $1 trillion in defense cuts — to the Center for a New American Security — which comes in at $150 billion in reductions, according to an executive summary of NSN’s report.

Still, NSN finds that the studies “agree the Pentagon can and should re-prioritize its myriad missions, reduce significantly its overall spending, and reshape its structure to support a robust national security strategy over the next decade.”

via Splunk builds public sector business | The Washington Post.