Pull the Pork From the Pentagon | Boise Weekly

United Action for Idaho is organizing a public demonstration and march as part of a National Day of Action. Meet in Julia Davis Park near the Boise Art Museum before proceeding to Sen. Mike Crapo’s office to deliver a message that Idahoans demand an end to wasteful Pentagon spending. For more info, visit usaction.org/id. “Pull the Pork from the Pentagon: Protect our Priorities. Protect Our Middle Class” events are taking place in Boise, Idaho and across the country on Feb. 27. In Boise, United Action for Idaho will send a visible message reflecting the them of the event “Pull The Pork”, to clearly express that Idahoans want fiscal responsibility when it comes to the war budget. The Feb. 27 is taking place as Congress faces a series of deadlines on our country’s budget priorities, including possible automatic spending cuts scheduled to take place on March 1. “We have to stop paying for the things we can’t afford so that we can pay for the things that are essential,” said Adrienne Evans, Executive Director of United Action for Idaho “We are calling for a fundamental restructuring of our priorities so that we can pay for programs that build a healthy and thriving middle class and chart a course for future prosperity for all Americans.”

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