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Opinions continue to differ on the Pentagon budget cuts. Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler thinks the cuts will hurt the Army and other military branches drastically while the Stimson Center thinks the cuts are not enough. Both have drastically different opinions on this sensitive topic.

Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler believes the budget cuts will hurt the readiness level of the Army and other military departments. He states that the cuts will reduce training drastically. Troops that are not currently deployed will be hurt the most according to Raymond Chandler. They will not have as much training as the rest of the soldiers.

The sequester is being blamed for the budget cuts, but solutions have not been easy to find. The Pentagon has reduced training and maintenance. It is also starting furloughs. None of these ideas are ideal answers and have angered many people on both sides. Chandler sees the cuts as a dangerous way to save money. He believes it will impact how troops are prepared before being deployed.

The Stimson Center has a different view of the problem. The think tank thinks the Pentagon can cut $900 billion and not hurt military readiness. Instead of cutting weapons, the center lists other ideas including cutting wages, spending and hiring. It also thinks veterans should pay more for health care, retirement plans can be restructured and pay should change for specialized troops. The Stimson Center goes on to add that contractors can be fired, management can be improved and troops can do more than one function. Essentially, the center wants to streamline the Pentagon to be more efficient.

The Pentagon has not responded to either the Stimson Center or Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler. It is also unlikely to actually listen to their suggestions. The sequester has led to some dramatic changes and cuts, but the ideas from the Stimson Center and Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler will probably be ignored. The reactions to the Stimson Center’s report from veterans and troops has been negative as was expected. Suggestions about cutting retirement or workers upset many people who read the report.

The budget cuts are a highly debated topic in Washington and across the military branches. Opinions on which areas should have spending reduced differ, and finding a consensus is almost impossible. The only thing that is clear is that the Pentagon will be making more cuts in the future.

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