Nov. 21 Letters: Defense spending | Daily Press (VA)

Misplaced priorities

Recently it was reported that 100 retired Navy and Marine Corps leaders “warned of dire consequences to the U.S. fleet unless Congress pumps billions of additional dollars into shipbuilding …” Employing ominous language, they predict the “death spiral of a shrinking fleet.” Our congressional representatives were quick to join the chorus heedless of the domestic problems crying for attention.

Our K-12 educational system has been systematically starved across the nation. Our colleges receive ever less money, placing ever-higher burdens on students who graduate with a backpack of debt they will carry for years. Our roads, sewers and bridges need repair and replacement at an estimated cost of trillions of dollars. We are faced with a crisis of rising sea levels in the Norfolk region but the Navy wants more billions for unneeded ships.

We have become an imperial nation enforcing world domination in the name of a peace that is always just over the horizon.

It is past time to halt military expansion before it consumes our democracy.

Wayne A. Moyer


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