Map of US military spending | Business Insider

This map shows how the rest of the world doesn’t even come close to the US’ military spending


Map of US military spending - Business Insider

The US continues to hold the indisputable top spot in defense spending, designating more than the combined expenditures of the top 15 nations according to an annual report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

The IISS’ Military Balance, published earlier this month, assesses the military capabilities and national trends in defense spending of 171 countries.

According to the report, America allocated a cool $581 billion in 2014, surpassing the total combined Chinese, Saudi Arabian, Russian, British, French, German, Japanese, Indian, and South Korean military budgets by $15 billion.

China is the closest nation to follow the US at $129 billion — which is only 22% of America’s overall spending. The remaining 156 surveyed nations account for $342 billion or 21% of the world’s defense spending.

See an interactive version of the map here.

Map of US military spending | Business Insider.