Maine Organization Calls for Defense Budget Cuts |

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Maine People’s Alliance and its supporters stood in front of the Bangor federal building, calling for the government to “Pull the Pork” from the Pentagon’s budget.

The group wants at least $500 billion cut from the DoD’s funding. To demonstrate their point, they served pulled pork sandwiches to participants to demonstrate Pork Barrel defense spending. Group members say the money should instead go to social programs such as Head Start and Pell Grants.

“We need them to reduce Pentagon spending, and give our kids education they need, our country healthcare they need, specifically in Maine,” said Grace Falconer of the Maine People’s Alliance.

Participants also presented a petition with about 1,100 signatures on it to representatives in Senator King’s and Senator Collins’ offices.

DoD will endure nearly $500 billion in automatic spending cuts over the next ten years barring any action from congress on sequestration. There will also be cuts to education and some social programs too is a budget is not proposed before Friday.

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