Letter: National military budget priorities | Deseret News

I read the article, “Veterans’ unemployment edges down but still high,” (March 20). The alarmingly high unemployment rate for young veterans shows that leaders in Washington are failing these men and women. We should be repaying their service by increasing college tuition aid, investing in skills training and connecting them with companies that are looking for hardworking, skilled employees.

Yet Congress has been MIA on veterans issues over the last few years. Legislation that would have funded more jobs programs recently died in the Senate due to concerns about spending. I share those concerns — we can’t be running the government on a credit card — but there are ways to make room in the budget. For example, Congress could reduce spending on the new $1.5 trillion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that is eating up the Pentagon budget with billions in cost overruns caused by constant equipment failures.

This is the way Congress is supposed to work through the budget: cut something we don’t need to pay for something we do. And helping our young veterans should be a top priority.

Dwight Johnson

Dayton Ohio

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