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The recent editorial (Aug. 5) criticizing sequester cuts to the military was disappointing to read and misses the larger picture completely. Our military spending is bloated, astounding and irrational. We spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined.

If you include our NATO allies, we spend almost two-thirds of all military expenditures. We spend many times more than all our possible enemies combined. We spend more on the military than all our other discretionary spending, including items such as education, environment and social services.

Our military budget is about $600 billion per year. The $50 billion per year for 10 years in sequester cuts to the military is the only good item to come from those cuts. The other cuts in the sequester are wrong or too extreme, because they negatively impact the average person and the poor who are most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the military-industrial complex is much too powerful and has managed to subvert Congress into the irrational promotion of our bloated military budget.

We should be pressuring our representatives in Congress to allow the defense cuts to go through and consider more cuts over time to get our military budget down to a more rational basis, one that provides security and strength but allows more spending on important items such as health, energy, science, education and environment.


Hanover Township, Northampton County

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