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One thing never mentioned in the debates about the F-35 is the fact that the once open fields of Williston and South Burlington are now covered with shopping centers and housing.

In the 1960s I stood at the window of the brand new Given Building, watching the vast expanses of green and the mountains in the east. UVM cows grazed below the window. To my horror a plane appeared in the distant sky spewing smoke, and shortly it disappeared toward the ground.

I found out that night, my neighbor an experienced Vermont Air National Guard flyer and his co-pilot, had perished in that crash. It is my recollection that at the memorial for the the pilot of that plane so many speakers praised his courage for guiding the plane away from the Williston school and surrounding homes and into an open field.Today there is nothing but housing and shopping centers there.

In the first five years or so of this new plane coming here, the chances of crashes upon take-off and landing are the greatest.

Give us a break. Wait 10 years till we know the track record of these scarce planes.


South Burlington

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