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Recent articles anticipating local effects from federal sequestration cuts March 1 focus on fears of lost military jobs but say little about the far larger domestic component of national security — rebuilding local economies and infrastructure, education and all the vital services and programs our families and future depend on.

With Pentagon spending now higher than during Vietnam or the Cold War, we cannot continue to squander so much of taxpayers’ money on the vast nuclear arsenal designed for Cold War threats from the defunct Soviet Union and China, now our biggest trade partner. They’re useless for defense from terrorism, the real dangers of which are also vastly overblown. They make us less secure, not more.

Regarding jobs, many studies document that any amount spent in almost any other field — education, health care, transportation, construction and so on — produces many more, even several times more, jobs than the same amount in military spending. No wonder we’re in such awful economic shape. But in the end, it’s not about numbers and money but people and priorities.

As a stay-at-home mother, I teach my kids to share limited resources responsibly and set priorities. We must demand no less from Congress.

Congressman Steny Hoyer should use his leadership to stop the sequester, listen to growing calls from economists and some military experts to reduce Pentagon waste and spend wisely, raise tax revenue from the wealthiest and ensure no budget cuts jeopardize job creation, our economy or other real needs most vital to America’s security.

Michelle McFadden, Waldorf

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