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Last Sunday I read these headlines in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Subrubs of LR, across U.S. see rise in poverty,” “Aging U.S. bridges in spotlight/Collapse on Interstate 5 draws focus to nation’s repair needs,” and finally, “Median pay for CEOs $9.7 million for 2012.”

Are we already seeing signs of what’s to come when the combination of lowering taxes on the super-rich and drastically cutting domestic programs across the board (called sequestrer) turns our nation into a Third World country?

I have been wondering what to tell my great-grandchildren, Josh and Lucy, as they grow up when they ask “Why didn’t you spend the money to protect things we all need for life–air, water, and food? Why didn’t you see that every child got a good education? Why didn’t you pay for scientific research to develop cheaper, nonpolluting energy sources? Why did you let Pentagon lobbyists con you into thinking our nation’s security depends on spending billions on unnecessary and outdated weapons and upgrading useless and dangerous nuclear weapons? What were you thinking?”

Surely if we can cut sequestration to avoid long lines at the airport, we can repeal sequestration altogether. Cutting welfare for the wealthy and their giant corporations might repair a lot of bridges, feed a lot of hungry children and send them to good schools. Cutting the waste at the Pentagon could pay for protecting our air and water, pay for a lot of research on alternative fuels–and much, much more. Josh and Lucy’s future depends on it.

Jean Gordon, Little Rock

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