Focus cuts on Pentagon, not Granny |

Commendations to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick for realizing, however belatedly, that raising revenues in a fair and equitable way is an essential component of addressing the nation’s deficit. As a constituent, I will be watching closely to see how Rep. Fitzpatrick addresses the so-called “sequestration cuts.”

We’ll be watching to make sure “strengthening” Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid isn’t used as a euphemism for cutting them beyond all recognition. We’ll be advocating for him to put meaningful Pentagon cuts on the table.

I understand that 57 percent of the president’s proposed discretionary spending for 2013 is allocated for the Pentagon. With the hundreds of overseas bases around the globe, there are loads of opportunities for cutting waste and fraud — GOP favorite bones of contention. Why are the first areas of presumed waste in the direction of Granny’s retirement money or low-income and working-class families?

Let’s take a good, hard look at (and a sharp pair of scissors to) the Pentagon first and stop seeking to balance the budget on the backs of the 99 percent.

Brenda McCullough


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