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BURLINGTON, Vt. —Stickers reading, “F the 35” popped up in Burlington this week, and no, the F does not stand for “fighter jet.”

The stickers are the latest in the opposition against the F-35 fighter jet coming to the Vermont Air Guard Base in South Burlington.

“We thought there were people out there who could be brought into the collation,” said Albert Petrarca, an F-35 opponent.

He said the idea for the stickers came about after an opposition rally a few weeks ago. Petrarca said he brought a sign reading, “F the 35,” which got some attention. The sticker’s designer remains anonymous.

After a meeting with other opponents, the idea to start a sticker campaign ignited. The group calls itself the Sticker Gang. Petrarca said they want to focus not just on noise and real estate values, but of the cost of the military and the actions of a fighter jet.

“We are going to spend over a trillion dollars on what’s going to be most expensive weapons system in U.S. history,” he said.

Petrarca’s comments come as Lockheed-Martin, the maker of the F-35, touted a drop in cost of the stealth fighter. Each jet is estimated to cost $120 million.

As part of a new agreement signed with the Pentagon, the company said the price tag for the next two deliveries will drop each year.

The agreement also allows the Defense Department to buy 71 jets, including some that were in jeopardy due to sequestration.

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