Ellie Kinnaird: Time to dismantle | News Observer

An Oct. 11 article featured Gov. Bev Perdue advocating continued funding of the F-35 Lightning Fighter jet that the Pentagon has criticized for its high cost. A more serious consideration is whether we need such planes at all.

The U.S. is paying for 20th century Cold War, obsolete weapons that are useless in 21st century warfare fought with roadside bombs and drones. The second half of the 21st century warfare will be cyber warfare. So spending money on a 20th century expensive military arsenal of huge battleships, costly airplanes, even nuclear weapons is completely meaningless.

Our military is larger than all of Europe’s, Russia’s and China’s combined. Continuing to build and stockpile useless weaponry is building only the deficit, not security. Add to this two expensive, destructive wars, 800 bases around the world and several undeclared wars in small African and Middle Eastern countries, and we see the real budget problem that neither presidential candidate is addressing.

What makes it impossible to dismantle this costly buildup is the embodiment of President Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex. Every congressional district has a military base or a weapons-manufacturing plant that is dependent on continued production for its economy.

State Sen. Eleanor G. Kinnaird

Chapel Hill

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