Don’t give the Pentagon a pass | Richmond Times-Dispatch

The American dream of a better tomorrow is slipping away. The middle class is stressed as real income shrinks and prices creep higher. Families work hard and still can’t get ahead.

To make matters worse, there have been deep cuts to programs that help struggling families. Food banks are running out of goods. Head Start has had to send children home, keeping parents out of work or left with child care costs. Food stamp benefits dropped at the beginning of the month.

Politicians and talking heads tell us we need to cut entitlements and welfare to save our country from financial ruin. They never point to the elephant in the room: the Pentagon budget. There are no audits and little accountability and waste and fraud are rampant.

Although sequestration requires cuts, Pentagon spending will still be almost as high as it was at the peak of the Cold War. Reducing military spending is supported by the Project on Defense Alternatives, the Cato Institute and Taxpayers for Common Sense. All agree we can save $1 trillion from Pentagon spending in this decade.

Let’s not give the Pentagon a free pass. Let’s cut military spending and reinvest in domestic programs that help people when they need it most.

Julia B. Hebner. Henrico.

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