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I am heartened by the news that our nation is considering cuts in defense spending (“Pentagon Proposes Deep Cuts for Military,” Feb. 25). This is news that should be welcomed on both sides of the aisle.

Since World War II, the Korean War, although bloody and yet to be completely decided, has produced a thriving and productive South Korean people and economy. The first Gulf War may survive historical scrutiny. All of our other involvements have been costly in monetary terms, world prestige and, most important, human lives (ours and the host country). How much of our $17 trillion debt is directly attributable to these conflicts?

It is time to pay attention to our economy, education, health care and infrastructure. There should be an international peacekeeping force that is determined by some metric agreed upon by all of the participants.

Let’s hope that we can reduce our military and increase domestic efforts to repair our country and create a competitive workforce.


Braddock Hills

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