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President Barack Obama laid out a very ambitious plan in his State of the Union address (“Obama lays out ambitious agenda,” Feb. 12). Obama said he will create 15 “manufacturing hubs,” rebuild public safety and infrastructure, expand educational opportunities to include universal pre-kindergarten and protect our Medicare and other social services that many have come to rely on. Of course, the president must realize that all of these heartwarming ideas take money.

Where is it going to come from? Although the richest among us are being asked to pay a little more, it will not be enough to make these dreams come true. If we don’t find a way, these promises of prosperity will go unfulfilled.

Obama and Congress have one option: reduce wasteful Pentagon spending. Our military spends more than the world’s next 17 highest military spenders combined. We’re spending money on weapons and programs that the Pentagon doesn’t deem necessary, and 57% of our discretionary budget is military spending. It’s obvious – we can cut the waste out of the Pentagon budget without sacrificing American security.

This is the only way we can afford to bring our nation back into prosperity and fund jobs, education, infrastructure and care for our veterans and seniors.

Mike Helbick


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