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After months of falsely accusing President Obama of cutting $716 billion from Medicare during the 2012 campaign, how ironic that some in Congress are now demanding cuts in Medicare in the name of deficit reduction. In poll after poll, overwhelming majorities of Americans have told Congress that cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits are unacceptable, but the message falls on deaf ears.

Yes, the national debt must be reduced, but not by cutting benefits for the elderly, and people living with disabilities. If cutting health care costs in Medicare is the goal, let’s start by giving Medicare the authority to negotiate prices for prescription drugs. This would result in billions saved for Medicare beneficiaries as well as the government.

A huge corner of the government that we need to look at for cuts is the area of Pentagon spending. It is a large and complicated issue, but there is room for improvement for the benefit of the entire country.

Joan King

Lower Makefield

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