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The U.S. Army’s War Over Russia | Politico Magazine

Top brass profess to be really worried about Putin. But a growing group of dissenters say they’re overreacting to get a bigger share of the defense budget. Mark Perry During…

Top Pentagon Aide Aimed to ‘Slow Roll’ Investigation Into Huge, Unused $36M Facility in Afghanistan, Report Alleges – ABC News

By LEE FERRAN A legal advisor to the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff attempted to “slow roll” an investigation into the waste of $36 million on a…

Protecting U.S. Security by Minimizing the Role of Nuclear Weapons: A New U.S. Nuclear Policy | The Stimson Center

A new report finds that the U.S. has mistakenly pursued a nuclear strategy that is costly and out of touch with 21st century security needs. The report titled, Protecting U.S….

Finalizing the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization (NDAA): Key Issues for Congress | Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation

For the third year in a row, the United States Senate is unlikely to approve its own version of the critically important Fiscal Year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)….

Next Steps to Combat Star Creep: The Costs of a Top Heavy Military | Third Way

Following Third Way’s release of Star Creep: The Costs of a Top Heavy Military, Congress tasked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) with figuring out exactly how much money this bloat…