About Us

For the decades since the end of the Cold War, many have championed a Pentagon budget fashioned on a “need to have” basis. We need to create a foreign policy that helps determine what we need, not what the military-congressional industrial complex has engineered. Today, our federal income does not match our expenditures, and congressional delinquency has put our nation on the edge of the economic catastrophe.  A new opportunity for dialogue and rational decision-making about Pentagon spending is upon us as the issue of the federal budget moves to the forefront of national debate.

This campaign seeks a new vision for U.S. national security with less emphasis on wars and more focus on economic security. The changing nature of the threats to the United States and the rising tide of leading voices in and out of Congress on foreign policy give us an opportunity to fundamentally address unchecked growth in spending by the Pentagon. Reshaping the Pentagon budget to prepare for 21st century priorities would allow more investment in job creation and programs that strengthen our economic and maximize our economic competitiveness.

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