5 signs your Pentagon program is in trouble | POLITICO Morning Defense

By Leigh Munsil

1. It has a bumpy track record. “From the F-35 to the Littoral Combat Ship, there’s a long list of Pentagon weapons programs that are over budget,” said Ben Freeman, a national security investigator with the Project On Government Oversight. “The more over budget your program is, the more likely it is to get cut.”

2. It has enemies on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers will go out of their way to protect home-state jobs stemming from Pentagon programs. But they’ll often work just as hard to kill competing programs that could pull jobs away from their states (ahem, Sen. Kelly Ayotte).

3. It’s not a big job-creator. New starts, or Pentagon programs still in their infancy, have not yet created jobs, which can make it tougher to have a champion in Congress.

4. It’s not tied into the Pentagon’s strategy. Wait, the Pentagon has a strategy? Yep, and soon it’ll have a new one. Just this month, Hagel ordered senior defense officials to conduct a strategic review “to define the major decisions that must be made in the decade ahead.”

5. It’s an Army program. The service is struggling to make the case for its programs as the Pentagon “pivots to the Pacific” and air and sea programs take precedence on the acquisitions side. That’s particularly bad timing given the current budget situation.

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